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How Medical Alert Call Buttons Work


Home Medical Alert Emergency Systems, $29.95 monthly or about $1/day.

How Medical Alarms WorkIn case of emergency, simply press the button on the medical alert pendant and the base station will receive a distress signal. Within seconds, a professional medical operator will be talking to you through the loud speaker phone in the base station. Depending on the situation, the operator will summon the paramedics, family members or a neighbor. To keep your parent calm, the operator will stay on the line until help arrives. If the alarm is accidental, the operator will thank your parent or loved one for testing the system.

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Hello, this is Glenn Smith from San Diego, actually the Mira Mesa neighborhood. Anyway, we are calling to say how satisfied we are that the security system helped to foil a break-in. Basically they broke in through an unguarded window and rounded the corner and hit the security system and went out of the door fast, taking nothing. Basically we’re having Christmas with all our Christmas packages and with all our good wine that we saved up, and everything that was in plain view because the alarm … Read more
Glenn SmithSan Diego, CA

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