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One of our most unique offerings is proactive video monitoring, a service that provides live video guards who remotely watch your outdoor security cameras in real time. This service combines the modern edge of AI with the timeless efficiency of human intellect. How does this differ from other video monitoring services? It’s all about the proactivity.

Traditional Monitoring = Reactive 

With a traditional security system, something has to trigger the recording or alarm response (i.e. the motion sensor or glass break detector). This is what makes those systems reactive. Because of this, it usually means that someone has already broken into the building by the time the monitoring center is contacted.

From there, the monitoring center agent calls you to verify the alarm – and then, they hang up and call the police. From the moment the signal reaches the station to the time they call the police, an estimated six minutes has transpired.

Now, the police know about the alarm – but they make it a low priority call, because 96% of these signals are false alarms. By the time they reach your property, almost half an hour has gone by (it takes an average of 23 minutes for police to respond to the scene, and 30 minutes is not uncommon). By that time, the burglar has stolen whatever he wants and has left the building.

Live Video Guard Surveillance = Proactive 

With our service, you have more than motion-triggered security cameras. You also have live video guards who watch your business and make intellectual decisions about how to handle your security event. With this proactive service, we can stop trespassers before they enter your building.

Within approximately 15 seconds of the suspicious person being spotted, our guards are engaging with the suspicious person in real time through the two-way voice intercom. They do whatever it takes to get them off your property, including verbal commands and persuasion, in addition to audible sirens. By doing this, they are shutting down the crime before it even occurs. In addition, cameras and artificial intelligence can deliver deterrent messages at high, medium or low volume.

If the trespasser still tries to break in, our guards dispatch the police within in 30 seconds and dial 911 from your property address. In most cases, this can get the police to your property in five to eight minutes. That’s something that just isn’t possible with a reactive system.

More Needed Than Ever 

Now more than ever, business owners need proactive video monitoring. The fact is, traditional video surveillance has gradually become obsolete. In past eras, security cameras had a greater deterrent value; many times, criminals would flee the moment they saw cameras mounted outside. That all changed when criminals started covering up with hoodies and full-face ski masks. Once that happened, the video that was captured was of little to no value and the criminal was able to enter the business, burglarize it and flee. If police were called, they got there once it was too late. Our proactive video monitoring service changes all of that, with live guards responding to the scene before the criminal can enter. In fact, our service reacts so quickly that it can even stop porch pirates and home invasion.

Additionally, our live video guards can minimize false alarms by determining whether or not the person outside is a true threat. If it’s your mailman, pool service, housekeeper or a delivery person, our guards will see that and not engage. They only react when it’s clear the person lurking around your property is a suspicious person. This is human intelligence that does what AI can’t do.

High Level User Control 

As the user, you’ll have access to a sophisticated mobile app that gives you total access to your system. Even if you have a system at maximum capacity (up to 20 cameras to run on 20 different time schedules), you’ll have full access to everything via your user-friendly smartphone app. As for text alerts, you control what you receive them for.

Many Applications for the Service 

There are many industry applications for our proactive video monitoring service, including:

  •  Automotive dealers
  •  Cannabis dispensaries
  •  Construction sites
  •  Shopping centers
  •  Office and commercial
  •  Industrial and manufacturing
  •  Scrap metals and recycling
  •  Energy (propane storage, electrical substations)
  •  Distribution and logistics
  •  Self-storage

Another application that we see catching on quickly is the prevention of illegal dumping to improve beautification and reduce blight.

But no matter the application, we can replace or augment a standing security guard at about 75% less cost. That’s a lot of value that protects your security budget and preserves your bottom line.

To learn more about our proactive video monitoring that uses live guard video surveillance, contact Pioneer Security Services today. We look forward to answering your questions.


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