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How the Coronavirus Affects Access Control and Security Now and in the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses all over the world to close. As companies start to open back up, a new way of doing business greets them. Social distancing guidelines requirements mean businesses must implement new policies and procedures that protect the health and safety of employees and visitors. Thankfully, technology allows us to use cutting-edge security and access control systems as a solution to the problem.
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4 Ways to Keep An Eye On Your Business During a State Lockdown

Today we’re adapting to a new normal that encourages social distancing. States have closed non-essential businesses and ordered people to shelter in place. So, what’s that mean for the security of your business? Luckily, advanced security technology makes it possible to keep an eye on your business, even when you’re not there.
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February, 2017 eNewsletter

"The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook." – William James An Update from Howard Have you seen our new trucks in your neighborhood? I designed them with then help of the friendly folks at City Sign of San Diego. What do you think? Some might think they are...

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Have You Seen our New Trucks?

Have you seen our new security trucks in your neighborhood? Howard designed these himself, with the help of the talented people over at City Signs. What do you think?

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December, 2016 eNewsletter

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere." – Agnes Repplier Commercial How to Protect Your Business During the Holiday Rush With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you are likely looking forward to the...

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Our New Remittance Address

It's autumn, and though we don't see many leaves falling here in Solana Beach, changes are afoot at Pioneer Security Services. First, we have a new billing agent: Cornerstone Alarm Billing. Don't worry, all our staff is still here to serve you , and there's no change...

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VOIP, Cellular, Internet and Your Alarm

When an alarm event occurs, it is communicated from your alarm panel to the Pioneer Security central station. A communication failure renders your alarm system useless. Nowadays communication technologies include POTS (plain-old telephone service), cellular, VoIP, and...

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