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“Hello, this is Skip DiCerchio. I’m a 45-year veteran of law enforcement, and retired Police Chief of National City. I have Pioneer Security and I would just like to tell someone how satisfied I am with Howard, and Robyn, and Terry and everyone that I talk to there. They give me absolute, magnificent service. They are not hesitant to spend time with me, at my convenience, to solve any kind of problem so I don’t have a service cell. However, when I do have a service call, it is taken care of immediately and much to my satisfaction. I just simply can not say enough good things about Pioneer. I have recommended them to my elderly mother-in-law for an alert, that she carries. And she feels so much more secure than she had previously. And my wife simply does not have to be so worried about her ever since she got the alert. I certainly give Pioneer, Howard and his team, five stars! I couldn’t say anything better for them. Thank you so much.”

Skip DiCerchio, Retired Police Chief

National City, CA

Hello, this is Glenn Smith from San Diego, actually the Mira Mesa neighborhood. Anyway, we are calling to say how satisfied we are that the security system helped to foil a break-in. Basically they broke in through an unguarded window and rounded the corner and hit the security system and went out of the door fast, taking nothing. Basically we’re having Christmas with all our Christmas packages and with all our good wine that we saved up, and everything that was in plain view because the alarm went off (the very reliable alarm) and foiled the burglary! So, we really appreciate the fact the system made what could have been a very bad start of the Christmas season pretty much a non-event. So thanks very much. I’ve always enjoyed the help and efficiency of Howard’s response to the questions that we’ve had. So we are very satisfied Pioneer users and look forward to not having the system have to work again, but knowing that if it happens, we’re covered. Thanks again. Another successful event, and we really appreciate it. Bye, bye.

Glenn Smith

San Diego, CA

“Hi, this is Dr. Susan Grove. I’m a veterinarian in Encinitas, CA. I wanted to thank Howard, Barbara and Pioneer Security for their wonderful work in securing my home after a stalker has come and harassed. Thanks so much. I am able to sleep again. I appreciate your help in securing my home.”

Dr. Susan Grove

Encinitas, CA

“Hello, this is Larry G, I’m from San Diego.  I’ve had the alarm system from Pioneer, from Howard Feldman, for 20 years.  And in that time, four times the alarm has gone off, and the burglars (whoever they are) have gone away. And minimal losses.  I’m very grateful to have this system.  It’s great peace of mind, whether you’re home or not.  I’d recommend it for anyone.”

Larry G.

San Diego, CA

“Pioneer has provided me extraordinary service for over twenty years.”

San Diego, CA

“Thank you for spending so much time with me. Your competitors could barely give me the ‘time of day’ and I have recommended your company every chance I get.”

Roscoe, NY

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California Crime Prevention Officers Association

California Crime Prevention Officers

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