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Video Verified Alarms for Small Business

Smalll Business Security Systems

Protecting your business with a video-verified alarm system from Pioneer Security results in faster police response and fewer losses. With a snippet of video sent to the central station with each activation of a motion detector, we catch burglars in the act.

You want faster response. Law enforcement wants to respond to a crime-in-progress, not waste precious resources on false alarms. Video verification is a win-win for everyone. You reduce losses, and the police catch burglars!


Videofied by Pioneer is a wireless alarm system with video verification. The equipment sends both an alarm signal and a video clip to the central station whenever the alarm is triggered. With evidence in front of them, our operators can tell law enforcement that it is a verified break-in. We can also provide details such as how many perpetrators and whether they appear to be armed. With this knowledge, police give your break-in PRIORITY RESPONSE.

Motion detectors from Pioneer Security

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Hello, this is Skip DiCerchio. I’m a 45-year veteran of law enforcement, and retired Police Chief of National City. I have Pioneer Security and I would just like to tell someone how satisfied I am with Howard, and Robyn, and Terry and everyone that I talk to there. They give me absolute, magnificent service. They are not hesitant to spend time with me, at my convenience, to solve any kind of problem so I don’t have a service cell. However, when I do have a service call, it is taken care of im…
Skip DiCerchio, Retired Police ChiefNational City, CA

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