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Video Verified Alarms for Small Business

Smalll Business Security Systems

Protecting your business with a video-verified alarm system from Pioneer Security results in faster police response and fewer losses. With a snippet of video sent to the central station with each activation of a motion detector, we catch burglars in the act.

You want faster response. Law enforcement wants to respond to a crime-in-progress, not waste precious resources on false alarms. Video verification is a win-win for everyone. You reduce losses, and the police catch burglars!


Videofied by Pioneer is a wireless alarm system with video verification. The equipment sends both an alarm signal and a video clip to the central station whenever the alarm is triggered. With evidence in front of them, our operators can tell law enforcement that it is a verified break-in. We can also provide details such as how many perpetrators and whether they appear to be armed. With this knowledge, police give your break-in PRIORITY RESPONSE.

Motion detectors from Pioneer Security

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Hello, this is Larry G, I’m from San Diego.  I’ve had the alarm system from Pioneer, from Howard Feldman, for 20 years.  And in that time, four times the alarm has gone off, and the burglars (whoever they are) have gone away. And minimal losses.  I’m very grateful to have this system.  It’s great peace of mind, whether you’re home or not.  I’d recommend it for anyone.
Larry G.San Diego, CA

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