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On May 24, the horrific school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas killed 19 students and 2 staff members. It’s now the third-deadliest school shooting in American history — but sadly, it wasn’t the only school shooting to take place this year.

According to Education Week, 27 school shootings happened during the 2021-22 school year, causing 27 deaths and 56 injuries. All across the country, school districts are taking action to fortify their campuses and prevent these senseless tragedies from happening to them. In San Diego, Pioneer Security has school security technology (including gun detection for schools) to help your campus prevent active shooter scenarios before they start.

School Security Risk Assessment in San Diego

Before school gun detection can be implemented, the first step is for school administrators to complete a risk assessment with the help of an experienced security expert. In Southern California, Pioneer Security can be that expert; working alongside your school resource officer or security staff, we determine where points of vulnerability are and develop a plan to meet security needs at the most granular level.

Next, we use the information gathered during the assessment, along with your emergency response plan and lockdown procedures, to determine what school security technology your campus needs most. Some campuses may require more cameras. or the implementation of an access control system. For all campuses, we recommend our remote video monitoring service, equipped with technology that performs gun detection for schools.

Remote Video Monitoring for School Gun Detection

Research shows that 90% of organizations have security cameras, but most of those cameras are unmonitored. Some organizations can afford the risk, but the stakes are too high when it comes to protecting vulnerable students on school campuses.

Remote video monitoring of your cameras ensures that a live virtual guard is watching your feed, and will alert you in the event that suspicious activity or objects are detected.

Of course, the most critical suspicious object to detect is a firearm. With Pioneer Security as your remote video monitoring provider, gun detection at school can happen in seconds. Here’s how it works:

  • Our cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence that can identify objects in the camera frame.
  • The AI uses algorithms that quickly evaluate the pixels, shadings and RGB values in each image to determine whether any  permutations form the shape and contour of a gun.
  • If there is a high numerical probability that an object on camera is a gun, we will dispatch the police immediately. Meanwhile, we send an alert to your authorized school representative.

This school gun detection technology has an extremely low false positive rate, making it a reliable way to supplement your school security staff, closed-campus policy and other protective measures. For more information on leveraging gun detection for schools at a critical time for school security, call Pioneer Security today. We believe all campuses in San Diego County need this powerful technology.


Whether your security needs are for your home, small business, or corporation, Pioneer Security Services has the products and industry experience you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach to service. You are never just an account number at Pioneer Security. We take pride in pampering our clients with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations.

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