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For a criminal targeting a business, breaching security is the only goal – whether the means of committing the breach is trespassing, vandalism or burglary. As you know, all of these security breaches are classified as crimes. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way business security is approached. At Pioneer Security, our live video guard service adds AI to proactive, human-powered security monitoring to provide you with the most powerful crime prevention measures available.

Imagine the human touch of a traditional live security guard service with the power of modern technology. Although AI is not a new concept, it has made major advances in recent years. Today, AI security technology can identify legitimate threats (a human intruder) from non-threatening events (cars driving by). This is technology that did not exist 20 years ago – but today, you can have that technology working for the benefit of your business.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence 

Traditional security cameras are useful – but when they lack live monitoring, they are limited in the security they can provide. With live video guard service, human guards have access to your live video to monitor for activity. That’s the first part of the human intelligence component.

However, an artificial intelligence piece is also needed. The human guards need AI to help them pre-screen the event and determine its threat level. When the camera detects motion, it sends the video to the hub, where AI will quickly determine whether the event is a legitimate security concern. The artificial intelligence goes to work right away to calculate the risk; it can send the data to guard within five seconds.

From Artificial Intelligence to Human Intervention  

The human guard watches your video in real time and intervenes as necessary. If the event is caused by a person, the guard will communicate with that person via the two-way voice intercom to determine the extent of mitigation required. That includes, if necessary, ordering the person to leave the property or activating the built-in siren.

If the threat is elevated or the trespasser refuses to leave, the guard will dial 911 using technology that makes the call come from your business address. In the majority of cases, this protocol can ensure police arrive at your property in five to eight minutes.

By combining human and artificial intelligence, business owners can experience physical security at the deepest level. This is how AI is changing the future of business security. To discuss how it can benefit your business, call Pioneer Security. We look forward to helping you.


Whether your security needs are for your home, small business, or corporation, Pioneer Security Services has the products and industry experience you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach to service. You are never just an account number at Pioneer Security. We take pride in pampering our clients with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations.

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