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Many businesses hire security guards to protect their property and employees, but there are several drawbacks to letting a security guard protect your business that include:

  • Security guards have a limited sight range
  • They are typically unarmed because armed guards are more expensive
  • It’s expensive to hire security guards to watch your property 24/4
  • They can only be in one place at a time

Virtual guard security services may be the perfect security solution for your needs.

Lights and Fences are a Simple Perimeter Security Solution

Sometimes protecting your business is as simple as putting up fences and bright lighting outside. Perimeter fences make it more difficult for criminals to break in or vandalize your business, and they deter loiterers.

Lighting the entire property eliminates dark places burglars can hide, making it difficult to break in without being noticed. Install lights around the entire business to chase criminals away and make it safer for employees and customers.

Virtual Security Guard Services

Virtual security guards are the newest innovative security solutions you should be using to protect your business. Install a trusted security system that monitors your business proactively. With video monitoring, live remote guards watch your property 24/7 so you can catch crimes in progress, reducing the devastating effects crime has on businesses.

It’s a cost-effective security solution that allows you to monitor multiple sites simultaneously for one low price each month. Best of all, virtual security guard services work for all types of business and prevent theft, break-ins, vandalism, and loitering. All this prevention coverage is less expensive than hiring those security guards that watch your property.

Plus, video surveillance helps identify criminals and solve crime easier with video footage of every security event on your property. You can even add these virtual services to the security you have in place, so video cameras identify possible threats, and the system alerts on-site security guards to intervene.

Instead of hiring more on-site security guards, contact Pioneer Security about using virtual security guard services today.


Whether your security needs are for your homesmall business, or corporation, Pioneer Security Services has the products and industry experience you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach to service. You are never just an account number at Pioneer Security. We take pride in pampering our clients with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations.

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