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Every business owner has an alarm system as a matter of routine. However, many are unaware of the incredible new features that make having a business alarm system  much more worthwhile. Take a look at some of the latest technological advancements in alarm systems available to retail business owners and shopkeepers.
High Resolution Cameras
Everyone has seen footage of criminals caught on security cameras. It is blurry and only the top of the criminal’s head is seen because of the position of the camera. Image sensors have advanced exponentially in the last few years with prices steadily dropping.
What cameras see now is sharp and bright. Budget-friendly cameras allow mounting visible ones up high for the deterrent effect with the ability to afford hidden cameras mounted lower to catch the faces of criminals in action. New cameras see in bright light, low light and no light in stunning clarity.
DVR Recording of Security Footage
New Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are capable of storing a year’s worth of footage taken by multiple cameras. No more rotating out tapes. Business owners can check any minute of any day for a year on a modern DVR system. It is also easy to check recorded footage from a remote location and also see live footage.
Remote Monitoring
Business owners can see what the cameras are seeing anywhere there is an Internet connection by using a computer or smartphone. The boss can monitor employees, look in on the shop or store in the middle of the night or when he is on vacation.
Modern security systems have features that greatly improve risk management, loss prevention, employee monitoring and permit the owner to virtually be at the business any time. Also, the costs are lower than the older, less capable systems of just a few years ago.

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