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Prevent the Crime, Don’t Just Record It!

Proactive Video Monitoring systems are designed to prevent crimes from happening, whereas traditional alarm and video security systems are only able to record crimes after the fact.

Traditional Security Systems are not a Good Option for Preventing Crime

Traditional security systems are reactive because they are triggered by events that have happened, such as a door or window breach or motion on the premises. This means that the crime has probably already been committed, and a live person must then be notified before any action can be taken. This can take an average of six minutes for the monitoring station to call the police. So by the time the police arrive (on average 23 minutes later), the burglars have taken what they want and fled.

Most camera systems are also reactive. Some cameras, after sensing motion, send clips to the owner or central station for an operator to view to determine whether the motion constitutes a threat or is just an animal or something blowing in the wind. Only once the threat is verified are the police notified. According to the FBI, the average burglary lasts between 8-10 minutes, and police know that once the breach has occurred they will likely arrive too late to apprehend the intruders. However, most camera systems are not interactive and just record events, which only enables the owner to view events after the fact.

Video Recordings of the Crime are Generally Not Helpful

Intruders are less often deterred by seeing cameras these days than in the past. Video footage of the crime that has occurred can sometimes be helpful to law enforcement after the fact, but more often than not the thieves’ faces are covered by masks or hoodies, thus rendering the video useless.

Recording for the sake of prosecution is no longer the best option for customers when better crime prevention methods are available. When crimes occur insurance costs skyrocket, business operations are interrupted, and the business can suffer a loss of profits.

Our Proactive Video Monitoring can Prevent Crime from Happening

Our proactive video monitoring service combines AI technology with trained, live guards who use human intelligence to monitor your property in real-time.

This works by sending a real-time video surveillance signal over the Internet. The feed flows into a security-monitoring command center where trained live security guards can watch all four corners of your property.

Not only can the guards watch your property, but they can also communicate via talk down or two-way voice intercom with the intruders. Within approximately 15 seconds of a person having been seen our live video guards can issue specific verbal commands (such as “You in the blue shirt”!), and activate sirens as well as high-intensity lights to incentivize them to leave your property before they commit the crime. When audio commands are used, 97% of the time the suspect leaves before a crime has been committed. In the few instances that the intruders do not leave, we immediately notify law enforcement or private security.

Does it Cost More to Have Proactive Video Monitoring?

It seems obvious that businesses would want proactive crime deterrence. Why wouldn’t they? However, there may be an assumption that a proactive deterrence system with modern camera features may be too expensive for a small business to handle. Interestingly, the Urban Institute dispelled this as a myth. They say, “The benefits from reduced crime were roughly equal to the cost of the cameras—$1.06 for every dollar spent.”

A Proactive Video Monitoring System with Live Video Guards can be a Better Option than Hiring Human Security Guards
  • Live remote video surveillance is more cost-effective than hiring live security guards
    • We can generally save businesses 75% of the cost of human guards and often can offer this monitoring service at an even greater savings of the cost of on-site guards.
  • Our live remote video monitoring service is more effective than on-site security guards
    • At no time are areas left without surveillance, as happens when a live security guard makes his rounds to the other side of a building or takes bathroom breaks.
  • Live video guarding is also safer
    • Businesses will not face liability for issues stemming from interactions between live security guards and intruders.
Pioneer Security helps businesses assess, build, and deploy proactive video surveillance. Contact us today and start your New Year a little safer!




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