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Daily incidents of loitering, vandalism, intrusion and other crimes are becoming more prevalent throughout California. The good news is Pioneer Security Services offers live video guard technology that can help move suspicious characters off your property, and if needed, call the police to report a verified crime in progress.

Video Guarding for Commercial Properties

Our live remote guarding service, also called video guarding, can keep eyes on your commercial building and intervene when an intruder is detected on the premises. Here are some of the most critical security goals it can accomplish.

1. Make Your Cameras Proactive

Many office complexes have video cameras installed — but unfortunately, the traditional method of manually checking on the building’s surveillance cameras seldom enables one to prevent a crime in real time. Sometimes, property owners check cameras randomly and without a clear strategy. In some cases, they only check them after a crime has already happened. It’s a reactive approach, and it’s ineffective for office complex security. Our video guarding service is proactive, by sending a signal to the remote guards the moment a suspicious subject appears within view. 

2. Verify a Crime in Progress

Next, live agents at the guarding station use your video to verify whether the activity is suspicious or criminal. As your office complex is monitored for suspicious activity, the built-in artificial intelligence filters out subjects that are unlikely to be threats (i.e. animals or passing vehicles). By providing monitoring with a combination of real-time human intelligence and AI, we have the ability to verify truly suspicious activity as it happens and confirm whether what’s happening is a crime. It all happens in a matter of seconds.

3. Communicate with Intruders

Once the live security agent has verified the nature of the activity, the next action is to intervene by communicating with the intruder. The agent can do this by talking down to the site via our built-in, two-way communication technology. The agent can issue your pre-approved warning message and notify the intruder that police are on their way. Many intruders will flee when they hear the message — but if they remain onsite, they can be intercepted when police arrive.

With our video guarding service confirming a crime in process, police can arrive in five to eight minutes.

It’s a vulnerable time for office complexes, but we have live remote guarding that can help. To discuss our video guarding service for your commercial property, call Pioneer Security Services at (800) 824-8844. We look forward to learning more about your specific problems. 


Whether your security needs are for your home, small business, or corporation, Pioneer Security Services has the products and industry experience you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach to service. You are never just an account number at Pioneer Security. We take pride in pampering our clients with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations.

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