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Feeling secure provides peace of mind, that’s why business alarm systems are so popular. Basic alarm systems go off whenever a trigger is activated, regardless of whether there is an emergency. A video verified alarm system can eliminate false alarms. No matter how advanced an alarm system is, it isn’t secure until the default password is changed.
Alarm systems are simple things. If a sensor is triggered, the alarm goes off. The monitoring service reports the incident to someone and/or calls the police. Then, the trigger is investigated. Considering that false alarms make up most alarm triggers, this can be a real annoyance. A video verified alarm virtually eliminates false alarms. When something is detected, a short video of the trigger is sent to the monitoring service or to the business owner. This allows someone to see what is going on. If the situation calls for it, the police can be called, or it can just be ignored. Video monitoring systems and access control systems also provide added benefits for businesses.
Advanced system or not, alarm systems are not secure until the default password is changed. Systems come with already programmed passwords and codes.
These are well known. Leaving the default code basically defeats the purpose of having the system in the first place. The included documentation will show how to change the password. This is the vital first step after installation. Without it, the system is not secure.
Having a business alarm only makes sense. A video verified alarm gives more security and convenience by allowing the owner to see what triggered the alarm in the first place. This removes the annoyance of false alarms. However, having an alarm system isn’t enough, changing the password should be the first thing any alarm owner does.

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