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Artificial intelligence is taking school security by storm, helping schools progress toward safer environments for everyone: students, staff and visitors. Here are some of the issues AI security technology can help your school tackle.

The Fight Against COVID 

The delta variant of COVID has begun affecting younger people, many of whom are students in K-12 schools. An access control system is a great school security solution to restrict entry from the outside, but it can also restrict entry to students and staff who are out while infected. After placing these individuals on a quarantine list, school administrators can deactivate their access control credentials to prevent them from returning to campus until the school mandated quarantine period is complete.

School Violence and Threats 

During the past year of distance learning, many students were continuing to stay in touch — and unfortunately, that means any ongoing cyberbulling or threats were likely to continue as well. With school back in session, many districts are seeing an uptick in fights, stalking and acts of violence on campus. Your school administrators can curb these incidents by implementing access control to keep out anyone who would do your students harm, including: 

  • Students from other schools.
  • Boyfriends/girlfriends who are not students.
  • Young alumni with bad intentions. 
  • Gang members, drug dealers and other criminals. 
  • Terminated staff.  

Our live remote guarding service is also recommended, so that all areas of the school can be patrolled and any suspicious individuals can be reprimanded/prompted to leave. If the individuals ignore the warnings, the live remote guard can call law enforcement. 

Campus Mischief and Loitering 

Our live remote guard service is also ideal to watch for unwanted behavior among currently enrolled students. The service can patrol the problem areas around campus where students may go to start fights, ditch class or engage in other prohibited activities. The live remote guard can talk down to the students concerned, and call school police if the students ignore the warnings. It can do the same when students are loitering around campus afterhours. The partnership between artificial intelligence and human intelligence is what makes this service so unique. 

These are some key ways schools can use AI to protect their students and staff in this new era of school security needs. To discuss the specific security gaps we can help you fill with AI school security technology, call Pioneer Security today. 


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