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There are new realities in business security as we enter 2021. Businesses of all types are now being forced to look at ways to upgrade safety and security protocol without the benefit of budget flexibility. Rather than spending up to $75,000 a year on hiring live security guards, businesses can save money by investing in a service that’s more affordable and equally effective. It’s live remote guarding, which combines the best of all security interventions: motion sensor cameras, artificial intelligence and human intervention. Here’s how it works.

1. Camera detects motion.

When there’s motion taking place in the purview of your security camera, the camera sees it, sends it to the hub, which uses its artificial intelligence to determine whether it’s a legitimate event. The video it captures is sent to the hub, where the artificial intelligence goes to work and sends the data to guard within 5 seconds.

2. Artificial intelligence calculates risk.

Next, artificial intelligence works to distinguish whether the motion captured is a legitimate event caused by a person, or a non-event caused by a vehicle driving by. If the event is caused by a person, the guards will communicate with the person to determine the degree of threat mitigation that is needed. If necessary, they order the person to leave the property; if they refuse to leave or the threat has been elevated, they call 911.

3. Guard evaluates and intervenes.

The live guard assigned to monitor your location remotely will assess the real-time video feed immediately. If an intervention is necessary, he can speak to the person onsite using the two-way voice intercom – or, if he deems it appropriate, activate the built-in siren.

If the threat is a person still attempting to break in, the live remote guard can dispatch the police within in 30 seconds and dial 911 from your property address. In most cases, this can get the police to your property in five to eight minutes.

This is what live remote guarding entails. We believe it’s the future of business security. To learn more, contact us today. We’ll be glad to speak with you.


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