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The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses all over the world to close. As companies start to open back up, a new way of doing business greets them. Social distancing guidelines requirements mean businesses must implement new policies and procedures that protect the health and safety of employees and visitors. Thankfully, technology allows us to use cutting-edge security and access control systems as a solution to the problem.

How COVID-19 Impacts Security Today

While the government deemed security an essential part of the American workforce, business administrators struggle to navigate an unfamiliar environment. They must find a way to secure their assets and property with fewer people on site. Security risks still threaten companies, even with fewer employees at the office. Here are some risks you should consider:

  • The access people need to regularly disinfect and clean the business
  • Access to people making regular deliveries and for maintenance needs
  • The inability to replace or deactivate lost credentials
  • Different operating hours and door schedules
  • Little to no access to the various security systems running on local servers
  • Possible service and internet disruptions

Companies attempting to tackle these problems have installed lockboxes outside buildings that contain a key or credentials that anyone can access. This solution may seem convenient, but it’s unsecure and doesn’t consider that you must sanitize the box and key card regularly.

Plus, it raises valid security concerns that someone could copy the credential or steal it outright.

So, the future for businesses relies on access control that allows you to manage your business remotely.

Future-Proof Your Business with Access Control

Newer access control technology allows you to issue and revoke credentials remotely and manage your security systems. If a surprise delivery shows up or an employee needs in, you can unlock the door without responding to work. Employees can use the hands-free unlock feature to gain access to the facility without touching the card reader to maintain sanitary conditions.

You can also make door schedule changes no matter where you are so that you’re ready for unexpected building or business closures. It’s even easy to manage multiple facilities from a single application.

If there’s a security breech, you can implement an emergency lockdown plan remotely and resume normal operations once the threat is gone. Set up alerts to receive notification for the security events that you need to know about. Customizing your alerts allows you to skip the redundant ones.

New access control systems integrate with your current security systems and components to streamline the entire system with the other tools you use. Managing your security remotely has never been so easy.

Contact Pioneer Security Services to find out how modern access control can help you make better policies and procedures to secure your property and protect everyone who visits your facility.


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