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The California fire season normally runs from July through October. However, 2022 has ushered in a much earlier wildfire season — resulting in more than 11,000 acres burned to date this year, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire). Locally, much of San Diego County is at risk for “very high fire hazard severity” (as this GIS map illustrates), both in rural and urban areas throughout the county. 

Arson in San Diego County

According to NBC San Diego, crimes of arson skyrocketed throughout San Diego County during the pandemic. Incidents of arson doubled from 2019 to 2020, and kept on climbing in 2021. Now that fire season 2022 is approaching, it’s time to put a razor sharp focus on preventing arson in San Diego. Public initiatives like Juvenile Firesetter Intervention can help, but it’s incumbent on property owners to protect what’s theirs. Fortunately, Pioneer Security has a service that can help. 

Protecting Property from Arson 

Our live remote guarding service can be an ideal tool for arson prevention, in addition to the prevention of burglary and vandalism. When a prospective arsonist enters the property, our cameras use artificial intelligence to verify the intrusion.

They immediately signal the central station, where a live guard quickly verifies the event as a crime in progress.

From there, the guard talks down to the site to order the intruder to stop. All this can happen before the crime of intrusion becomes a crime of arson. 

Call Pioneer Security to Get Started

Arson is a legitimate risk every year, and 2022 is a high risk year before fire season has even begun. This is the time to get security technology on your side for the protection of your property. Call Pioneer Security Services today to request more information on our live remote guarding service for arson prevention in San Diego. 


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