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In October, businesses throughout San Diego County were targeted by a team of masked burglars in what police called “a well-orchestrated plan.” Hitting food service establishments in Poway, Bonita, Mission Valley, and Imperial Beach, the three thieves broke in afterhours and made off with cash from the registers. 

Luckily, these businesses did not keep enough cash on hand for the thieves to make a hefty profit. However, our live remote guard services could have protected the owners from any unfortunate losses. Here’s how. 

Verifying Risks and Intervening as Necessary  

For successful risk assessment, artificial intelligence is an important piece of the equation. However, human intelligence is also needed to distinguish the nature of a risk. For risk verification you can rely on, you need security that combines both. That’s what our live remote guard service entails, with cameras that make risk assessment decisions and human intervention from our live remote guards. 

Dispatching Law Enforcement to the Scene

Once our live remote guards quickly verify the risk, law enforcement can be dispatched to the site. Our live remote guards call police using your business address, so there is no question about the location of the event.

In most cases, police can be on the scene in five to eight minutes. This is a fraction of the time it takes police to reach the location without live remote guard protection. 

Issuing Warnings and Activating Sirens  

When a live remote guard issues a loud verbal warning, even the most orchestrated criminals can be thrown off their game. Our service includes a talkdown function that startles the burglar and informs them police are on their way. Many times, this results in the criminal leaving the cash inside before fleeing the scene. However, our guards don’t stop there. They also activate loud sirens to put the criminals on blast and deter them from targeting the area again. 

In light of recent events, orchestrated theft should be a concern for all San Diego businesses. To protect your business from being victimized, call Pioneer Security to inquire about our live remote guard service. 


Whether your security needs are for your home, small business, or corporation, Pioneer Security Services has the products and industry experience you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach to service. You are never just an account number at Pioneer Security. We take pride in pampering our clients with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations. 

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