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In 2020, the summer season kicked off months of violent crime in cities from coast to coast. Unfortunately, there are valid concerns that the summer of 2021 may introduce a second wave. Citing the easing of COVID restrictions and increased gun purchases as early indicators, The Wall Street Journal reports that police in cities across the U.S. are bracing for a violent summer. 

From storefronts to food establishments to municipal buildings, a wide spectrum of properties are vulnerable to the potential of summer violence. Now is the time to get equipped for these summer security risks, using these suggestions as a starting point. 

Verify your alarm activations with video. 

The reality is, 96% of business alarm activations are false alarms caused by human error, dying batteries or accidental glass breaks that trigger the alarm. As a result, many police departments lower the priority of business alarm activations. This significantly slows down their response time to the scene, which means that legitimate alarm events don’t get the timely intervention they need. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: video verification, which gives the agents at our monitoring center an instant view of an alarm event on a live video feed. They use this video to quickly verify the event as a crime in progress, and call 911 from the address of the event. Because police prioritize video verified events, they arrive at the scene in five to eight minutes (as opposed to 30 minutes or more without video verification). By elevating the police priority of the event, you can decrease the damage criminals do to your property. 

Supplement your security guards. 

California employs more security guards than any other state, with more than 150,000 guards at work. As any business owner employing them can attest, investing in a live security force can be costly. A single security guard can cost up to $75,000 per year — and with only one guard working, it’s nearly impossible to have eyes on the entire property. Whether you choose to supplement your security guards or replace them entirely, we suggest adding on our live remote guarding service. Live remote guarding combines the best of all security interventions: motion sensor cameras, artificial intelligence (AI) and human intervention. 

Our live remote guard service uses the camera’s motion detection to identify activity and send the recorded video to the hub. Then, AI will calculate the risk of the event; if the event is a person onsite (as opposed to a passing vehicle), it will send the video to a live remote guard within five seconds. The guard will assess the video, talk to the person through the built-in speakerphone in the camera, and escalate the intervention by activating the siren or calling 911. Once again, police arrive within five to eight minutes. 

Summer security risks are an unfortunate reality of modern life, but there are practical ways to get your property equipped for the challenge. To learn more about video verification or live remote guard service, call Pioneer Security today. We will be glad to speak with you. 


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