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Upgrading your analog video surveillance system to IP Video is a smart move to make, but since it’s more expensive, should you install it gradually, or all at once? Here are some factors to consider when upgrading your security cameras.

Pros of Analog Security Cameras

Analog surveillance systems are affordable, and that’s likely why you previously chose it as a security solution for your business. Plus, it’s easy to use and review video footage. You don’t need to be extremely tech-savvy to use analog security cameras. But that’s about where the pros end in today’s technology-driven world.

Cons of Analog Security Cameras

Analog video footage lacks the exceptional quality of IP video. The image quality of analog security cameras is inferior when compared to IP video surveillance. The frame rate is much slower, as well. When you have busy areas that necessitate clear images, analog cameras don’t produce the high-quality video you need to address security incidents.

The biggest problem is the security of your network and data. Analog video surveillance doesn’t encrypt your information. If you’re seriously considering only a partial installation, consider keeping analog security cameras in areas with low risks.

Pros of IP Security Cameras

As technology advances, security equipment advances. Today there are many excellent innovative security solutions, and IP video surveillance is one example.

IP security cameras let you zoom in on objects, vehicles, and people as they move. IP video surveillance captures finite details that other security cameras can’t match. These fine details allow you to see facial features and license plate numbers that can be crucial when investigating security incidents.

Another difference is that you can connect multiple IP cameras to one switch to increase the coverage of your buildings, whereas analog cameras must be connected to the DVR.

If you want more information on updating your old video surveillance system, contact your professional security integrator. They can help you design and implement a plan specific to the needs of your business, employees, and visitors.


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